"People live, and die, without ever using their best selves.

People were buried with their natural and valuable resources never tapped or used."

Throughout a notable career that spans selling books door-to-door while in college to running his own companies, Raymond Houser learned that certain actions and attitudes can either reinforce your goals or prevent you from achieving them. In this invaluable resource, packed with first-person stories and inspirational quotes, you'll learn that there are routes to success you may not know exist. But before you can venture on to those paths, you need to understand some fundamentals that were likely not taught to you in school. And, possibly, you did not receive the kind of support and understanding that would give you the confidence you seek. But that does not mean that you won't achieve your objectives. On the contrary: once you have faith in yourself, and God, the road to your future, while sometimes bumpy, will lead to amazing places. Filled with insight and practical advice, The Winning Advantage is the help everyone starting on a career needs.

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"This marvelous book is packed with extremely useful advice that will change your perspective on life and work. The author's career experiences and life challenges provide the framework for a blueprint for success. The Winning Advantage will change the way you look at life and work and help you make the most of your God-given talents."


— Al Niemi, SMU COX School of Business

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