Chapter 1

I was giving a talk to a group when a young man raised his hand and asked me some very smart questions: “Mr. Houser, what is the location of the richest untapped resources on Earth? Are they the diamond mines in South Africa or the platinum mines in Russia? What about the coal fields in Pennsylvania?”

Without missing a beat, I said, “All of those are worthy candidates, but they are a long ways off. The locations of the most untapped valuable resources are the graveyards throughout the planet.”

With a shocked expression on his face, he asked why.

“Because,” I replied, “they are the storehouses of never utilized assets. People live, and die, without ever using their best selves. People were buried with their natural and valuable resources never tapped or used.”

Why didn’t these people use their innate resources? I believe it is because they had no road map to find them along with instructions on how to best use those resources. The result is that so many men and women end up disappointing themselves because they don’t find their way. And it isn’t just themselves that they disappoint: add in their friends and family and the society in which they live.

But I believe that their lives can roll out in a much better way, if they realize what is holding them back and then learn how to forge ahead. They must take the initiative. It will not come without efforts or beliefs.

These lessons have been reinforced in my life, over and over again. But as I’ve discovered, in my various jobs, in many conversations with students and employees, and more recently as a speaker, many people don’t get the instructions they need. And that is more than a shame; it’s a gap that is very likely holding them back from the success they long to achieve. That’s why I’ve written The Winning Advantage.

My experiences weren’t in one industry. From selling books door to door, to buying and selling real estate, to managing futures in the financial markets, I’ve observed all kinds of people with one connecting trait: the ones who did not succeed gave up when things got tough. And times do get tough, which is why a map of instruction on how to survive and thrive is so important.


Within the pages of this book you’ll find fundamental information that will help you to:

  • Motivate yourself.

  • See how to turn interests into careers.

  • Recognize that a college degree doesn’t necessarily lead to a job that you’ll love.

  • Appreciate how attitude can make or break a career.

  • Realize that talent isn’t the most important requirement

    for success.

  • Stop any mental tape that holds you back.

  • Replace that tape with affirmations that will bolster your confidence.

  • Be inspired by the insights of people who never gave up.

  • See why mentors matter.

  • Understand how parenting can make an enormous difference in a person’s future.

  • Overcome lack of love and support.

  • Use a simple way to ensure that your next career is the

    job you really want.

  • Deal with setbacks and feelings of rejection and move forward.

  • Set goals and get rid of bad mental habits.

  • Learn how to handle anxiety.

  • Recognize what self-esteem is and how to develop a healthy one.

  • Develop self-discipline and get rid of bad habits.

  • Trust yourself and God.

  • Recognize what success involves.


Filled with first-person stories and my own experiences, you’ll read about the paths I’ve taken to achievements and the dead ends that forced me to change direction. Most importantly, I’ll show you how to employ the most crucial advice that was given to me, and I now pass it on to you: NEVER GIVE UP! The Winning Advantage will help you do just that.

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